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PowrFlow™ PVR Series Vane Pumps

  • Variable Displacement, Pressure Compensated Vane Pumps.
    You’ll find these pumps at work in some of the toughest applications
    as well as some of the cleanest. Offering flow ranges of 15 to 265 Litres per minute..

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  • PowrFlow™ HPV Series Pumps

  • With our variable volume axial piston pumps the input horsepower closely matches
    output horsepower in these highly efficient pumps. They are designed to closely match
    the Eaton-Vickers® PVB and PVQ and the Parker-Denison PV series of pumps..

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  • Directional Control Valves

  • These valves conform to NFPA D03 and ISO 4401 mounting standards.
    They are available in both 3 way and 4 way styles. All versions are available in 2 position
    spring offset, 2 position detent, 2 position spring centered and 3 position spring centered versions. A wide range of spools are available.

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